Euronav implements T-VOS™ multi-objective voyage optimisation engine in FAST platform

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Euronav NV and Theyr Ltd. announce their extended collaboration with the implementation of Theyr’s T-VOS optimisation engine in Euronav’s Fleet Automatic Statistics and Tracking (“FAST”) platform. The integration of this multi-objective optimisation engine, together with improved and continuous updated dynamic performance models of the vessels, allows for better routing optimisation and – inherently, an improvement of sea passage time, and/or fuel consumption. This in turn supports Euronav in the realisation of its decarbonisation strategy in which the company emphasises the importance of shipping digitalisation to achieve decarbonisation.

Our FAST platform provides us with unique insights and opportunities to realise our commitments expressed in our decarbonisation strategy and to our shareholders. The integration of this API optimises and strengthens the collaboration between ship and shore and ensures that all parties involved work with one and the same source of truth around weather routing and voyage optimisation. Moreover, Theyr’s T-VOS engine actively contributes to the realisation of our decarbonisation targets. 

— Patrick Declerk, Operations Manager – Euronav

T-VOSTM, Theyr’s unique multi-objective voyage optimisation engine, optimises simultaneously for minimum fuel consumption, TCE, just in time and best time arrivals, fixed speed and RPM. T-VOSTM provides the Euronav FAST platform with the evolving efficiencies and flexibilities required to meet the ever-increasing emission regulations in addition to realising the inherent, and significant cost savings.

Euronav is a recognised technology leader within the industry, and we are excited to be part of their journey to further establish and compound their sustainable objectives across their fleet 

— David Young, Managing Director – Theyr Ltd

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