Theyr produces the mechanisms to deliver, view and analyse the data within proprietary and third party applications.

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Technology for Time & Fuel Efficiency


Theyr is the preferred metocean data partner of many of the maritime industry’s best known organisations.

We work closely with our University partners and clients to push the digital boundaries that are shaping our maritime world.

We provide the science and the software to support commercial maritimes complex and diverse metocean data and voyage optimisation requirements.



Leisure Marine

We at Theyr believe that every mariner, no matter how experienced, should use high-resolution weather forecasts as it’s a critical aspect of safety at sea.

With our GRIBview application you can get access to the highest resolution weather forecasts built on super high-precision data from 10km down to 1km resolution on an hourly time step.

Our Technologies

Our enterprise applications and enterprise level services complement, support, and meet enhanced data requirements of our clients.

Providing global high-resolution forecast and hindcast data from our comprehensive portfolio and the applications to request in the most efficient way, draw and analyse this data as required by our clients.

Have questions? We would be happy to answer.

Our forecasts are used by many of the world’s best known maritime organisations, businesses and professionals.

From the most successful Olympic sailing teams and Americas cup teams to the biggest commercial names in the industry.