Building Blocks of Next Generation of Voyage Optimisation

Introduction In our previous blog posts, we have explored the evolution of voyage optimisation technology over time as well as the main values and advantages of what multi-objective optimisation may have for your business. Let’s delve into the most essential components of voyage optimisation and how the engine facilitates these. At the core of all […]

Value and Advantages of Multi-Objective Voyage Optimisation Solutions

Introduction In the previous blog post, “The Paradigm Shift: Evolution from Weather Routing to Voyage Optimisation”, we detailed how weather routing tools (single-objective optimisation) are incapable of providing multiple optimised voyages with a single computation. Leveraging the power of technological advancements with AI translates into clear business benefits. In this article, we are looking at […]

The Paradigm Shift: Evolution from Weather Routing to Voyage Optimisation

The dynamic interplay between technology and market-dem ands influence progress across the maritime sector. Adaptin g best-in-class technologies to adhere to current regulatory frameworks is no longer a luxury, it is imperative. As CO2 emissions increase across Shipping, digital optimisation providers are promising solutions with significant benefits going beyond traditional weather routing. Let us take […]

Greater than the sum of its parts: merging green technologies

Proven fuel savings in excess of 18%! An amazing achievement. Performance validation of emerging technologies is a crucial component for every industry and can only be achieved through collaborations. Shell are keen supporters of sustainable technologies. Their significant involvement in this project demonstrates to our industry the cost effectiveness and the immediate savings available through […]

New Partnership Agreement with Syroco

Download PDF version Along with Spire Weather’s high-fidelity metocean data, we are delivering our multi-objective performance optimisation engine to Syroco EfficientShip digital twin platform Together, we’re advancing vessel performance, making maritime operations smarter, more efficient, and eco-friendly.

Strategic Partnership Announcement with Bogerd Martin

Download PDF version This collaboration represents a significant milestone, as it diversifies Bogerd Martin’s bespoke solutions portfolio and addresses the critical objectives of enhancing fleet efficiency and reducing our industry’s carbon footprint.

Strategic Patnership Announcement with Blue Wasp Marine

Download PDF version Blue Wasp Marine and Theyr proudly announce a strategic partnership to deliver best-in-class vessel models and innovative business analytics through Theyr’s voyage performance optimisation solutions. Building upon Theyr’s recent partnership with Spire Global, which enables access to global weather data for Theyr’s AI-powered weather and voyage performance optimisation engine, this new collaboration […]

Charting a Course to Success

The maritime industry is a dynamic and competitive field where businesses face numerous challenges in adhering to regulations and improving efficiencies. Balancing multiple objectives such as fuel costs, safety and emissions is challenging. With the power of multi-objective optimisation, a new chapter for the industry is now unfolding. Explore the benchmarked benefits of multi-objective optimisation […]

Submergence Group Drives Voyage Optimisation for Autonomous Vessels in Collaboration with Theyr

Download PDF version Submergence Group (SubGroup), through its subsidiary Marine AI, and Theyr announce a new agreement that will lead to the integration of Theyr’s voyage optimisation engine into Submergence’s technology platform for the No Manning Required Ship (NOMARS) U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program. NOMARS, will be a new generation of medium […]

Spire Global partners with Theyr on maritime weather data

Download PDF version Spire Global, a leading global provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, have entered into a new partnership agreement with Theyr to provide global weather data sets to power Theyr’s weather and voyage performance optimisation engine and to relicense the integrated solution. Merging Spire’s accurate weather insights into Theyr’s AI-powered voyage […]